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Garage DoorThe 'Andre' is a custom made garage door created for Jay Andre, of Jay Andre Construction. This design is a great example of the benefits of doing business with Garage Doors, Incorporated.

Jay’s client wanted to duplicate a geometric design he saw from a fairway at Pasatiempo Golf Course, in Santa Cruz. We were able to locate and photograph the design. We then went about creating a garage door that would integrate the design, fit the opening, and assure door function.

We take pride in our ability to create well functioning works of art that complement beautiful home architecture. We enjoy working with those who design and build beauty and quality. We hope we are given the opportunity to participate in your next project!

Garage Door
Garage Offset

This insert shows the intricate detail done in Mahogany. This design and many others are done regularly by craftsmen. Please stop and see us in action. We are the only West Coast manufacturer-direct provider of custom garage door systems.